Pay-As-You-Sell AdvanceTM

A shariah-compliant financing solution for cashless merchants to stay in control of their business, capital and growth.

Grow your sales with Pay-As-You-Sell AdvanceTM

Pay-As-You-Sell Advance is a frictionless line of credit that is always available to you. We assess this based on your current sales flow with your sales platform. As your sales grow, so does your available amount.

You get up to 10 weeks of sales as an advance to start with and repay as a share of your sales automatically through your repayment partner or bank account.

This offer is available to merchants who are using one of our partners or integrations.

Our Key Features

Instant Decision

Complete your advance request in under 5 minutes. No long forms, back and forth process. Get funds in less than 48 hours.

One-time flat fee, no interest

There are no late fees or interest charges that rack up on you. You are charged a one-time fee and nothing else. No surprises.

Automated repayments

We will automatically deduct your repayment amount from your future sales through your partner. No hassle. No stress. No anxiety.

Pay back as share of sales

You can set the share of future sales that you wish to pay us back with. Your choice.

Who Pay-As-You-Sell Advance is for

You may be eligible for financing if:

- At least 25% of your transactions are cashless
- You are currently on a platform that we have integrated with for >6 months
- Sales above RM1,000 per week

Who we work with

We work together with platforms who:

- Work with Micro and Small Merchants
- Have visibility of cashless transactions

These platforms include and are not limited to: On-Demand platforms, POS providers, Payment Service Providers, Online Marketplaces, Web Shopbuilders, Online accounting platforms.

Who is Seedflex

We are a Fintech company headquartered in Singapore. 

Seedflex Capital Sdn Bhd is certified by our Shariah Advisors to offer Pay-As-You-Sell Advance as a Shariah-compliant product in Malaysia.

Pay-As-You-Sell Advance is offered under the Tawarruq (Commodity Murabahah) concept and is currently not subject to any licensing or regulatory requirements

Ready To Get Started?

Get your limit unlocked in 3 simple steps
1. Enter your phone number/email
Sign up online on our website with your phone number or email address
2. Connect your Sales Platform
Connect your preferred platform to get your limit
3. Complete your Profile
Finish creating your account by completing your business and director information

Get your Advance today!

Just sign up on our website and get your available
amount and that's it!

Additional Product Information

Everything you need to know about the product
General Information
Name of Product
Pay-As-You-Sell Advance
Financing Type
Available Amount
Up to 10x of Weekly Sales; Max RM100,000
Up to 24 weeks
No Interest
One-Time Fee
Up to 6%
Other Charges
Stamp Duty of 0.5%
Late Fees
Early Repayment Charges
Disbursement Details
Disbursement Method
Direct to Bank Account
Disbursement Time
Up to 48 Hours
Disbursement Amount
The selected amount; Fees are NOT deducted but added to the repayment amount
Repayment Type
Automatic; % of sales
Repayment Frequency
Every Settlement

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