We believe cashless commerce can irreversibly change the way businesses access credit

Fintechs have not changed how the fundamentals of lending are handled

Lending has always been characterised by two pillars - underwriting and collection. And for all the new advances in fintech, the way these two fundamentals are handled, have not changed:
Underwriting is primarily based on static and historical data
Collection still happens along a fixed and pre-agreed pattern, in spiky instalments

Cashless commerce is opening up new possibilities

Dynamic and granular transaction data provides a sufficient basis for robust underwriting.

Daily settlement of sales enables an opportunity for fractional repayment creating a win - win for B2C merchants as well as lenders.

... but on their own they cannot address this opportunity.

Individual cashless commerce platforms’ access is limited to their own ecosystem and partial view of the merchant.

Therefore they are not able to serve the full credit need of any merchant on their platform.

Seedflex integrates with multiple platforms to serve the merchant’s full credit need

This is Pay-As-You-Sell AdvanceTM

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Meet our team

Ritwik Ghosh
Ritwik leads Commercial, Partnerships and Product strategy at Seedflex. Prior to co-founding Seedflex, Ritwik was the Regional Head of Lending at Grab Finance where he spearheaded the build, launch, and scale of Grab's Fintech lending business in Southeast Asia. He led the APAC SME banking and Retail FS (Indonesia and Vietnam) consulting practice at Oliver Wyman. He also led a team in the US credit cards acquisition business at Capital One. With over 20 years of experience, Ritwik brings deep expertise in developing SME credit solutions, payments strategy and Fintech partnerships strategy.
Sauvik Datta
Sauvik leads Operations, Risk, Data and Product at Seedflex. He has over 20 years of experience in SME and Consumer credit working across industry leaders such as Standard Chartered Bank, American Express, McKinsey and Validus Capital. He was an early member of Validus Capital operating as Chief Data and Risk officer. Prior to co-founding Seedflex, Sauvik was the Head of Risk and Collections at Grab Financial Group.
Shankar Pillai
Chief Technology Officer
Shankar leads Technology and Engineering functions at Seedflex. He brings with him over 20 years of experience in building and scaling technology solutions across Infosys, Adobe, Intrax, Validus Capital, Affinidi and EMQ. As the Vice President of Engineering at Validus Capital and the first tech employee, he led the core tech platform and architecture build out for the company. In his most recent role as Director of Engineering at EMQ, Shankar has been focusing on scaling EMQ’s payments platform across markets.
Joel Ng
Go-To-Market Lead
Joel focuses on Go to Market strategy and enablement at Seedflex. As a key member of Grab Finance's expansion team, Joel led the launch of 3 digital lending products in Indonesia, including the first digital ecosystem cash credit solution and Grab’s consumer Pay Later solution. Prior to joining Seedflex, Joel gained experience in private investment and financial impact creation space with his role as Impact Associate at LeapFrog Investments.
Avinash A
Technical Product Manager
Avinash focuses on technical ownership of product at Seedflex. He brings over 15 years of experience in product roles across payments and lending companies including Tide, HomeCredit India, PayU and Pine Labs. Prior to joining Seedflex, Avinash held product lead roles for merchant acquiring, experience management and payout products. He has also been part of multiple successful end to end product launch efforts ranging from conceptualization to roll out.
Yijing Zhao
Data Scientist
Yijing focuses on Data Science, Machine Learning and data related functions at Seedflex. She graduated from National University of Singapore with Master in Computer Science and brings in deep technical knowledge in Machine Learning, Statistical & Mathematical modelling and multiple programming languages.
Thana Manickam
Sales Manager (Malaysia)
Thana Manickam manages the sales team in Malaysia at Seedflex. She brings with her over 15 years of sales experience in banking line. Prior to joining Seedflex, she held positions at Standard Chartered and Ambank as their Sales Manager, leading the telesales effort to convert customers at the banks.

Joseph Choong
Sales Associate (Malaysia)
Joseph handles sales in Malaysia at Seedflex. He brings with him over 5 years of sales experience in B2B Sales. Prior to joining Seedflex, Joseph was a Key Account manager at Shopee, He also managed sales and marketing at Foodpanda as a Commercial Executive.