Unlock capital for your merchants

Give your merchants access to frictionless financing with Pay-As-You-Sell AdvanceTM

Pay-As-You-Sell Advance for your merchants

We handle the financing and tech, you get the revenue.

Risk-Free Revenue

You get a share of every dollar financed to your merchants. Unlock a recurring risk-free revenue stream.

Help Your Merchants Grow

Offer financing to your merchants through your platform, give them a frictionless way to access financing.

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Who we partner with?

We partner with anyone who has a cashless view of the merchant

Origination Partners

If you're a platform that has visibility on the cash flows of businesses, you're a perfect match for our Origination Partnership.

By integrating our seamless loan origination process into your platform, you can offer your customers a reliable path to funding, fostering their growth while enhancing your service portfolio.

Repayment Partners

Platforms that specialize in facilitating payments have a unique opportunity to become our Repayment Partners.

Collaborate with us to facilitate effortless loan repayments for your customers, ensuring a hassle-free experience that supports their financial success.