Pay-As-You-Sell AdvanceTM

A frictionless way for you to stay in control of your business, finances and growth
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Get up to 12 weeks in sales as advance

We lend based on your online sales flow. We do not lend based on assets you own, documents you need to provide or outdated ledgers you need to maintain.

We work via cashless commerce platforms. Please contact your partner for qualification.

Pay back as a share of your sales

Unlike traditional and fintech lenders, there are no fixed terms for payback.

You can set the share of future sales that you wish to pay us back with or you may set a fixed amount to repay.
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One flat fee and no other charges

There is no such thing as late fees or interest charges that rack up on Seedflex. You are charged one flat fee and nothing else. No surprises.

Frictionless means no long forms

Because we lend based on sales alone, we don’t need you to fill in long forms or upload your life’s history for us to trust you.

Get your advance in days not weeks

Seedflex is fully integrated into your cashless partner’s platform, so you’re instantly approved for advance based on your sales and can get your money within two days or less.

For your every business need

Emergency Expenses

Prepare yourself for a large unforeseen expense, an emergency repair, or an urgent replacement

Seasonal Fluctuations

Stock up for peak seasons or big campaigns, avoid delays, negotiate bulk discounts, or explore new products


Hire new staff, contractors or freelancers. Invest in your people


Post more ads, take new product photos, redesign your packaging


Invest in new machinery, new computers, new tools to boost your business

We are on your side when it comes to credit

Other Fintechs
Traditional Lenders
Instant pre-approval
Simple application; No additional documents
Funding in 48 hours
Single fee, no interest
Automatic repayments
Self-adjusting to match sales

Frequently asked questions

How do I get access?
We work with cashless commerce platforms as partners. If you are onboarded with any of our partner platforms and pass our pre qualification criteria, you will receive communication from us and/or the partner. 

Once you receive an offer from us, we will need your consent to retrieve your data from the partner and confirm your pre approved advance limit. Your advance limit self adjusts with your sales and remains accessible 24X7 to support you.
Who are our partners?
We look for partners who have visibility of your sales flow. Please contact us if you are currently on a platform that is not partnered with us.
How is my preapproved amount determined?
Your preapproved limit is based on your sales track record. We will assess your sales flow based on our partners and give you a multiple of your sales as your advance limit.

Your advance limit grows as your sales increase or as we get better visibility into your sales with more partners on our platform.
What are the fees charged?
The only fee being charged is an upfront fee, which is added to your repayment amount. There is no late fee. No other fees.
How much interest do you charge?
We don’t charge any interest. We only charge a single flat fee.
How do I repay?
Your repayments are automatically deducted from your future sales settlement flows.

Additionally we may set up an auto-debit that allows us to deduct the balance amount from your bank account.