Merchant FAQs

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What/Who is Seedflex Capital?
Seedflex Capital Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia-registered company that is headquartered in Singapore, with the aim of redefining credit through cashless commerce. We are offering you Pay-As-You-Sell Advance, a product that grows with your sales and always available to you.
How do I apply for the Pay-As-You-Sell Advance
We are currently in our closed-beta program with selected partners. If you are selected for the closed-beta, you will receive an email from your payment partner informing you of your eligibility. An account will be created for you and you may then log in to the Seedflex Portal to take the advance.
Who is eligible for this loan?
As Seedflex’s Pay-As-You-Sell Advance is a Shariah-certified product, we will only offer to businesses who are not dealing in primary activities involving pork, alcohol, or tobacco, and other restricted business activities
How is my maximum limit determined?
Your maximum limit is determined by your sales on your partner platform. You will receive a multiple of your weekly sales with a maximum of up to 12 weeks of sales. If you wish to have a higher limit, one way to do so is to increase your sales on your partner platform.
What are the fees charged?
The only fee that Seedflex charges is a percentage flat fee based on the advance amount you wish to drawdown. In Malaysia, you will have to pay an additional stamp duty charge of 0.5% of the drawdown amount (rounded to the nearest thousand)

The fees charged will not affect the amount you wish to take, they will be added to your repayment amount.
What repayment options are available and how do I repay this advance?
We will automatically deduct the repayment amount from your sales settlements so you do not have to do anything. For our beta program, you will select how much % of sales you want to be deducted for each settlement. The corresponding amount will then be deducted on each settlement until the owed amount is fully repaid
What happens if I miss a repayment?
There are no fixed terms for your repayment and only an estimated term at the start of your drawdown, therefore we will keep deducting until the owed amount is fully repaid. You will NOT be charged any additional fees or any compounding interest.

There is a minimum 4 week repayment amount that you will have to meet and in the case where you do not meet this repayment amount, we will request for you to transfer the balance to our bank account.
Can I change the bank account where I receive the funds?
No, we are only able to disburse the funds into your active bank account that you have set up for your settlement flows with your payment partner. This is part of our verification process to ensure that funds are reaching the right business.